Before buying Tesla cars, a set of malfunctions and problems, prepare to face them

When acquiring a Tesla brand car, the new owner faces a number of major problems, which he will always have to deal with.

Hot Cars, a car news site, reviewed the dilemmas facing Tesla car owners, and the majority of them face electric car owners in general.

walking range
One of the vital factors on the basis of which the car owner chooses his new electric car is the range of its run according to the capabilities of its battery.

Tesla cars have been known as the most prominent electric cars in terms of driving range, because they have the longest range of cars on the market, although the car driver should know that the average maximum range of Tesla cars reaches 350 miles before the battery runs out.

giant screen control
One of the funny problems in dealing with Tesla cars is the control screen in the central control area of the car, through which the driver controls all of the car’s systems.

This screen caused some problems when it was introduced in recent Tesla models, including that some drivers were subjected to arrest for traffic violations, as the traffic officers thought that the screen was a tablet computer that the driver was using while the car was moving, in addition to the fact that the screen may seem complicated at first before the driver gets used to it.

Energy leak
Among the problems reported by owners of Tesla cars in recent months, the car was exposed to an unknown power leak, with the battery power declining and the driver having to recharge it early.

Autonomous driving
One of the biggest problems faced by drivers using the self-driving assistant system in Tesla cars, the crisis of reliance on this system led in some cases to the occurrence of dangerous collisions that prompted Tesla to work on developing and addressing it.

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