Dying Light 2 Stay Human shines with high image quality with ray tracing and DLSS technologies from NVIDIA

Dying Light 2 Stay Human shines with high image quality with ray tracing and DLSS technologies from NVIDIA

Surviving danger needs the best tools, but what about surviving in an exciting game like Dying Light 2 Stay Human? In-game tools and utilities will probably be needed to get a great experience and effectiveness. So maybe Nvidia’s ray tracing and DLSS are the perfect tools for this, so how?

Experiences show that GeForce RTX-powered PCs get the best gaming experience thanks to its AI technologies with DLSS and ray tracing, making it more realistic than anywhere else.

Enhance your immersive gaming experience with DLSS

DLSS technology, which is an acronym for High-Resolution Modeling based on deep learning techniques, this technology helps to get a faster gaming experience to give additional details with every millisecond to the players without affecting the image quality; It helps increase the number of frames per second while maintaining the same accuracy and enjoyment of ray tracing technology on NVIDIA RTX processors.

This technology provides the ability to increase the frame rate per second to up to twice with some games and up to 4K resolution on a game such as Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

This technology also helps with the support of ray tracing to give the images an ideal clarity while showing all the fine details and tiny lines that give the gaming experience a different curve due to the huge amount of details; Morning light will be brighter and blue sky and clouds will be more contrast at evening and sunset. Also, the details of all the bodies will be more clear, as we see in the clothes of Killian, one of the main characters in the game, with the details of his clothes appearing closer to the truth.

This matter and the extreme accuracy in displaying games, we might not have seen it without DLSS technology or Nvidia’s efforts to make the gaming experience flawless.

When playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human, for example, with this very high resolution and clarity, all the details may help improve the results of the game, accuracy will help to see objects faster and clearer than usual, a zombie standing in a dark place may not appear clearly to take the player careful Normally, but with this technology, seeing it will be very possible, and this applies to various cases.

Ray tracing and a new world

Ray tracing technology helps to improve all the details inside the image, thanks to its reliance on the exploitation of lighting in a different way than before, players will find that everything that appears on the screen has a different meaning, the clarity and accuracy of characters and objects have become close to reality, and shadows and reflections have become as if they are real and not inside a video game.
When the player stands somewhere within the game, the scene that appears in front of him during the day looks closer to an image than a real place thanks to the reflections of sunlight and the shadows caused by objects in the place, as we see in the pictures with the game Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and this is what we see contrasting in different The times of the day as if they represent a reality of the movement of the sun from sunset to sunrise, as the directions of the reflections change with the lighting and location of the sun.

Thanks to the ray tracing technology, games on NVIDIA RTX graphics processors will not be transient games, because they will be closer to having a real experience between moving in different places without moving from the gaming chair as if it were an optional movie.

Other advantages offered by ray tracing and DLSS technologies

Ray tracing and DLSS technologies may be a huge leap for gamers to get an unparalleled immersive gaming experience, but at the same time they add huge capabilities for those looking for hard-working laptops or computers with very powerful hardware, it provides an ideal experience for students at all levels and extends with them For many years, devices that support RTX processors that support these technologies carry powerful hardware that can last for years with the same strength.

This technology also helps professionals such as designers, programmers, producers, engineers, film and content makers, researchers, and other people.

What distinguishes these devices, in particular, is the possibility of using them for years and the absence of the need to replace them, as happens with devices with weak hardware because, over the next 5 years, these devices will remain competitive in terms of performance in most cases.

GeForce RTX hardware

  • If you are looking for a device that offers ray tracing and DLSS technologies, then look for devices with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics processors. These processors are available in different options on the computer with powerful hardware and Intel or AMD processors from partner brands and hundreds of designs, as well as dozens of options with laptops, especially with thin and light designs, thanks to the Max-Q series that Nvidia is developing with device manufacturers to provide great capabilities without Make devices of large sizes to contribute to carrying them anywhere and enjoying them.

So, if you are looking for an immersive Dying Light 2 Stay Human experience and enjoy a perfect game, you might want to try one of the GeForce RTX-enabled devices that offer ray tracing and DLSS technologies. It can also be used to perform any other task while ensuring a very high speed and efficiency.

Finally, we may recommend some devices to you in case you want to have a unique gaming experience on Dying Light 2 Stay Human and others

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