Google: Chrome on Mac is better than Safari

Google is supposed to release the 100th version of its Chrome browser within the next few weeks, but even after all this time, there is still room to speed up the browser.

And according to Google, Chrome version 99 is significantly faster across macOS and Android, with some particularly big gains across Macs.
Although browser companies are betting on Chromium to build their browsers (except for Mozilla’s Firefox and WebKit-based Safari). But that doesn’t mean that the various development teams have stopped thinking about how to speed up the user experience.

The company said: Chrome browser version 99 on macOS managed to score 300 points on the speedometer scale, which was originally developed by Apple’s WebKit team, on the MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 Max processor.
The search giant notes that this is the fastest performance of any browser to date. With build optimization technology focused on speed and improved graphics processing, Chrome is said to be 7 percent faster overall than Safari, with 15 percent faster graphics.
The search giant added that Chrome is about 43 percent faster than it was when the first Macs with M1 processors arrived in late 2020.

Google: Chrome on macOS is now faster than Safari

One of the biggest improvements came in late 2021 when Google introduced a new JavaScript translator. The new compiler brought particularly powerful features to the Apple processor.

And Android users should also see a performance upgrade. Chrome browser on Google’s mobile operating system is 15 percent faster (in aggregate data from the real world).
This is due to improved navigation which prioritizes critical navigation moments in a browser UI thread.
And Chrome’s speed boost could be useful to spur competition between Google and Apple. Both companies modify the code of their browsers in order to win over users.
Every day, billions of people around the world turn to Chrome to get things done quickly across their devices. As a result, we have always focused on creating the fastest browser possible since its launch in 2008. And that’s without compromising on features functionality or security.

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