Amazon lets you host your radio show with Amp

Amazon lets you host your radio show with Amp

Amazon has launched a new mobile app called AMP to rival Clubhouse. The app, which focuses more on listening to music than sitting and chatting, allows people to create live radio shows where they can act as a DJ by receiving callers and playing tracks from lists of tens of millions of licensed songs.

Amazon said the app is available in a limited beta version in the United States. The app description on the App Store says: It’s easy to share your favorite voice and songs with the world via Amp. Select a program title, create a playlist, and start broadcasting your radio show.

The new app marks Amazon’s somewhat late entry into the live audio market. The clubhouse has led the way by creating a new format for live audio social interactions.

But the idea has been fleshed out by several competitors, including Twitter Spaces, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, and Spotify Greenroom.

However, Clubhouse’s competitors have mostly focused on live broadcasts such as podcasts. Amp distinguishes itself from Amazon by providing access to an extensive list of music.

This means that Amp users can play music, stream, and chat about their favorite songs and artists to establish themselves as creators.

They can also use the app to talk about anything else, such as sports or popular culture. But they do so while curating a selection of music for their listeners and receiving live callers.

According to the app’s description, content creators can pre-plan and schedule their shows and alert listeners to their upcoming shows. They can also control who speaks when receiving callers.

It is worth noting that content creators do not have to pay a fee to record companies when using music during radio broadcasts.

Users sign in with Amazon credentials or they can create a new Amazon account to use Amp. The company also provides a 24/7 oversight team that reviews reports and takes action in real-time.

Amazon launches live radio app Amp

Amazon lets you host your radio show with Amp 2022

The company stated that the Amp List includes tens of millions of licensed songs. Those produced include Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment Group, Warner Music Group, and other independent music companies, such as Beggars Group, Belief, CD Baby, and PIAS, with more to be added.

As part of the beta release, Amp is also announcing a list of upcoming shows, including one from Nicki Minaj, who is soon returning her show, Queen Radio to Amp.

Other performances include Tinashe, Lindsey Sterling, Travis Parker, Tevi Pessoa, Nikita Dragon, Zack Sang, Cat Corbett, and Christian James Hand.

People can download the Amp app from the US iOS App Store, sign up for the waitlist, and sign up for the Amp newsletter.

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