Email protection service Do it yourself tips

Email is a valuable target for hackers and cybercriminals because it

contains a large number of important user data, which can be

exploited to steal you, control your life, and publicly blackmail him.

Here are some simple tips that you should follow in order to protect your email account from hackers:

1- Beware of public WiFi

The “Wi-Fi” available in public places was the reason for penetrating the devices of government men and public figures, so do not underestimate and use the Internet from a place that provides free Internet services, and you should beware of this matter.

2- Passwords

You always have to follow the basic steps correctly, do not choose passwords that are easy to predict, and you have to make them very complicated because the password is the key to your account and only you can blame if you choose a simple password.

3 – Choose a good email

You should choose a service that provides you with many security features and that has a good reputation for launching security updates that help you keep your data from being hacked, and do not use untrusted sites and services. Gmail and Outlook are among the best services that provide security updates, but if You are afraid of spying on you using encrypted mail.

4- Take advantage of the security settings

You should make the most of modern security options and use the account login confirmation feature more than once, a feature that has become increasingly popular in recent years, always by confirming your account in the form of a text message or code.

5- Beware of links

You should stay aware of the forms hackers use to defraud and not click on any links that come from untrusted sources, in addition to logging in with your mail on an unencrypted or trusted site.

6- Use encryption for extra security

If you need a stronger level of protection in sending or receiving emails, for example in dealing with banking details, you can always use an extra layer of encryption, such as installing software like PGP to offer a strong level of protection for your secrets.

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