Spaces .Twitter is testing a new room cropping tool, Spaces

New Cropping Tool for Spaces. Live Audio Rooms

Twitter has begun testing a new cropping tool for its Live Spaces feature, the company announced this week.

Hosts selected via iOS can now clip 30 seconds of audio from recorded spaces to share with others on Twitter.

All iOS users can now watch and listen to clips within the timeline. While Android and web users will soon have access.

The company also plans to roll out the cropping functionality to all users in the future, not just hosts.

A company spokesperson said: There is no limit to the number of audio clips that can be created. You remain on the platform for 30 days.

“Currently everyone on iOS can watch and listen to Spaces clips on their timeline,” he added. And people across Android and the web version receive the feature, too. We are monitoring comments and plan to extend the crop functionality to everyone across Twitter in the near future.

Hosts are able to create audio clips from recorded spaces that can be shared via a tweet that also links to the full recording.

The new tool is a way for hosts to increase interest in spaces while highlighting specific parts of a broadcast without having to share an entire recording.

Clubhouse, the social audio app that propelled the launch of Spaces, rolled out the cropping feature last September.

This feature allows live listeners in public rooms to crop the last 30 seconds of audio and share it anywhere. It can also be shared on other social media platforms.

Twitter is testing a new audio cropping tool for iOS

Twitter over the past few months has brought several features to its Live Spaces to promote the product.

The company is working on Spaces Recordings, a feature that allows hosts to share tweets with audio recordings of past spaces.

Earlier this year, the company gave hosts who shared recorded spaces the ability to see how many listeners had joined the live broadcast, as well as how many people had replayed the recording after the session ended.

Live audio has grown in popularity amid the pandemic as people around the world have been confined to their homes. However, with restrictions lifted in many countries and in-person events returning, companies that offer live audio room capabilities such as Twitter and Clubhouse are looking to retain users by launching new features.

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