Snapchat introduces its desktop chat and video calling services for the first time

Today, Monday, Snapchat announced that it will provide its desktop chat and video calling services on computers for the first time.

But the advantage of benefiting from the web version of “Snapchat” will be available exclusively to subscribers of the “Snapchat Plus” service initially, thus becoming the first major feature of the paid service since its launch last month.

The first beneficiaries of “Snapchat” on the web will be subscribers from within America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Snapchat Web will only be compatible with the Google Chrome browser, not Apple’s Safari.

Although Snapchat was originally created as a smartphone-exclusive app, the company’s chief messaging product, Nathan Boyd, says the web version has become necessary and logical, with many using computers in the last two years.

There are 100 million people communicating with each other on Snapchat every month, spending on average more than 30 minutes a day.

Snap’s launch of its web services for the first time comes in conjunction with unprecedented pressure from its management to achieve income from its 332 million daily active users.

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