Far Cry 6 Spotted on Xbox Game Pass soon

Far Cry 6 Spotted on Xbox Game Pass

In our review of Far Cry 6, we described it as “a surprisingly exhilarating experience that, despite its repetitive nature, brings Far Cry back to its roots and delivers the best Ubisoft game released in years.” Really praise. And we stick with those words, but if we’re being honest, we also know that times are tough and that many of our readers will only be able to put up with so many games a year. Buying a single-player game can be especially daunting because you are less likely to get as many fixes and updates as larger multiplayer games. But what if we told you that Far Cry 6 is free? Well, you will have no choice but to give it a try, right?

Far Cry 6 Spotted on Xbox Game Pass

As first shared by u/Fro3ZeN in this Reddit thread, Far Cry 6 has been spotted in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library, although it has since been removed. So no, you can’t just jump on your Xbox and watch this game in the library…yet. But it looks like Far Cry 6 will be coming to subscription service very soon.

This is the original image shared by u/Fro3ZeN:

If this happens, we implore you to have it upon download. We know that some of the big games on Game Pass have been pretty disappointing lately, but we can’t help but pay tribute to Far Cry 6. And if it comes to your street, we recently heard some great Ubisoft news that you’ll be interested in…

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