Tim Cook Buy your mom an iPhone to kill green bubbles

For a while, Google has been pressuring Apple to support the RCS feature in its iMessage app, as messages that are sent between Android and iOS still arrive in the form of regular text messages and here the message appears in the form of a green bubble on iPhone phones.

Tim Cook, during today’s event after completing the Apple conference, a person asked him about supporting the RCS feature in the iMessage application and told him if Steve Jobs was present, what would he feel about supporting the RCS feature in iMessage.

Tim Cook responded that iPhone users did not demand support for the RCS feature in the iMessage application, so the company did not make any effort to support it, and added that he preferred the user to switch to using iPhone phones to get rid of green bubbles and regular text messages.

The person who asked Tim Cook stated that his mother could not see the videos he was sending her because she used an Android phone and iPhones did not support the RCS feature, and Tim Cook responded to this by buying an iPhone for his mother.

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