Taiwan’s TSMC: China will not control our company by force

The relationship is currently tense between China, Taiwan and the United States, after the arrival of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, which China sees as a threat to it and made it move in preparation for a move against Taiwan.

But what about technology being affected by this? In fact, if China thinks of an invasion of Taiwan, this will have a great damage to the technology, as the Taiwanese company TSMC may be affected, which is the largest chip manufacturer in the world and is responsible for manufacturing chips for Apple, Intel, AMD, Nvidia and others.

Even China deals with TSMC and imports chips from it.

The CEO of TSMC says in an interview that no one can control TSMC by force and that the company will not be affected if anything happens to Taiwan. He added that China represents 10% of the company’s business, and if TSMC is affected, there will be economic damage to China as well.

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