Google is changing the way app rating works on the App Store

Google has started rolling out a new update that changes the way app rating works through the Google Play Store. The App Store will then show the app rating based on the device you’re using.

According to The Verge, Google will only display ratings based on the type of device you’re using, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, foldable phone, Chromebook, Android Auto, or wearables like smartwatches.

This new feature, which began to reach users, was first announced in August 2021, and was supposed to arrive at the beginning of 2022.

However, Google preferred to launch it now, a few weeks before the date of the unveiling of its upcoming tablet and its first fully manufactured smartwatch.

Once you get the update, in the Comments section you will find a notification letting you know that the ratings are “Verified”, and that you are seeing comments from people who use the same type of device as you.

The source explains that by trying this feature on a foldable device and a smartphone, a different set of comments appeared on both devices for each application.

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The importance of how to evaluate applications on the Google Play Store
This new feature is becoming very important with the rise of different types of Android devices including foldable phones and wearables.

Where the experience will differ from one type of device to another, for example, the experience of an application on a smartphone will not be the same on the screen of a foldable phone. It will certainly differ on a smartwatch.

However, the source found that Google’s blog mentions note that tablets and foldable devices are grouped in the same category. Which mostly makes sense for devices like the Galaxy Z Fold or Surface Duo, with their 7.6- and 8.3-inch screens.

However, on a device like the Galaxy Z Flip with its 6.7-inch screen, it doesn’t make sense when categorized with larger devices and tablets.

Finally, the app rating feature can be controlled manually through the Google Play Store, from the comments and reviews section on the page of the application you want.

Click the three-line filter button that appears before reviews start, you can tell it to only show you ratings for your device model.

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