Samsung is preparing to remove the keys in the Galaxy S phones!

A new report from the SamMobile website, Samsung phone to remove the physical “buttons” of airborne phones, specifically the power button, the volume control, the phone without buttons at all.

It could be that this idea has begun to move to the communication stage.

He explains that OreXDA is the source of the first leak, these communication functions including ring calling, phone opening and closing and volume control will be done entirely by software.

There is nothing on Iraq now, the new Iraq.

Galaxy S 23 phones get this design
This change is referenced next year for the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 5 lineup, but the leaks indicate that the Galaxy S25 may be the first phone from Samsung to give up the physical buttons.

According to Samsung’s usual schedule, it’s too far to mirror the Galaxy S25 series, and it’s hardly possible for an Indian disaster to happen then.

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Samsung releases the September 2022 update for these devices

According to the leaks, the Galaxy S25 without the device could be exclusive to KT Corporation, the second largest wireless carrier in South Korea.

Has a problem with the empty environment version of the S25 global folder.

Cases have appeared Cases have appeared Similar cases have appeared

Already, several indications of inventions registered in the name of mobile phones, already exist.

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