Ubisoft collaborates with Netflix on three new games, including a title for Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft Forward is over, and a lot of exciting stuff has been announced. One of those announcements was the reveal of a collaboration between Ubisoft and Netflix in order to bring 3 powerful titles to the giant streaming network. These three titles are the second part of Valiant Hearts, the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, as well as one of the parts of the Assassin’s Creed series.

Netflix launched its mobile gaming service last November with five games, including two from Stranger Things. And Netflix’s intention was and still is to expand this service because of its belief in the popularity of the gaming field, especially mobile games, and how it will inevitably flourish in the coming years.

Although many details are not clear about the cooperation between Ubisoft and Netflix, some information has been revealed that interests us such as that these three games will be free to Netflix subscribers, and this is according to the deputy director of the gaming division of the giant broadcasting network, and the great thing is that it will not There will be no Microtransactions or advertisements within these three games.

It is worth noting that Netflix announced that the second part of Valiant Hearts will be developed by the same developers as the first part, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which is one of the best games that dealt with the First World War at all.

All of these games will be on the famous Netflix app, which you can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store now!

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