Rainbow Six Mobile beta version available today

The beloved Tom Clancy series includes a number of strong and awaited titles for mobile phones. Under development It is under development now and we are waiting for their release in the near future. As for Rainbow Six in particular, Ubisoft started alpha testing several months ago, and it is the version that players have been able to try out.

And the appearance of the previous example in the picture that was before, and helped in the east, and helped in the east. All of these things go to the second stage, which is the beta.

Rainbow Six Mobile beta version available for countries

And starting today, the closed beta version of the game officially begins. Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Beta Opportunity, Available Now, Registration is still available on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the beta is not available on the iPhone at the moment, but it did not only use Android. Now available to residents of the following countries only: Canada, USA, Brazil, Singapore, India and the Philippines.

It is worth noting that we have to judge Rainbow Six Mobile from these beta versions, whether they are alpha or beta versions, these versions are used by the developers as just references and then modify the game to produce what the players see in their feedback, the best thing is to wait for the game in its official form .

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