Konami wants the Suikoden series to return with new parts

It seems that the developers are in the series of other parts of the series, hope has returned to fans of this JRPG series again, after announcing the remaster of the first and second parts of the series, the next part of the lectures was shown.

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Konami desperately wants the Suikoden series back

Some developers at Konami have shown their interest and enthusiasm in talking about the big series. In an interview with IGN, Producer Yasuo Daikai said that he would really like to make more games for the series in the future. He said this sentence to the question (What does improved transcription mean for the series?)

However, he is asking for support from the fans directly, even saying that Konami wishes and supports them, and he said that he offers Konami to the fans and promised them, and that more or less means that a new part of the Suikoden series or not depends on if the improved versions of the first and second parts will succeed or not.

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