Final Fantasy XVI announcement date to be revealed by Producer Naoki Yoshida

Looks like we won’t have to wait long to take a look at the new installment in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI. The series is one of the most popular game series in the industry and undisputedly featured in the Japanese JRPG category. Almost every part of the game has new characters and new places, not to mention new threats and adventures, which is what players of this series love.

In the previous installment, Final Fantasy XV, we saw a shift from the turn-based strategy system to a focus on real-time combat, and it looks like the next in the series will focus on that as well.

From the first glances, it seems that the new version of the series carries something special as usual, which is why the fans are eagerly awaiting it, and as a first of its kind for the series, it seems that it will receive an M rating due to the dark atmosphere that is supposed to be found in the new part.

Producer Naoki Yoshida Excites Us About Final Fantasy XVI’s Announcement

Finally, after a long wait, producer Naoki Yoshida announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 conference that we will see a new trailer for FF XVI about a month from now, meaning we will see it in late October or early November.

After the announcement was released that month, we should know when the game will be officially released. Gamers are expecting FF XVI to release in the third quarter of next year, if not delayed like many games these days.

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