Star Citizen raises more than $500 million in donations

The Star Citizen project has come a long way in fundraising, and that’s almost 10 years after the game was first announced. This project is very dreamy and aims to reformulate the concepts of these space games and Landscape in general, and this will be done by providing an experience that players have not seen before, but unfortunately the project stumbles a lot and we find it in constant repetition in terms of development.

Star Citizen is a game developed by Cloud Imperium Games and its president, Chris Roberts. The title has gone through choppy stages of development that we only see in rare games; Either development is going very smoothly, or it is going through very hard. All we have so far is almost the most expensive Tech Demo in history, and after all these long years the game hasn’t been released or we’ve seen a very advanced level of it yet.

Star Citizen Raised Over $500 Million!

The studio kept collecting donations for this game until it crossed $500 million yesterday. Many believe that a lot of this money was not spent on the game in the first place, and others believe that it is spent on the game, but wrongly and that the game does not have fixed foundations and rules, and the developers do not know what they want from it in the first place. It’s worth noting that Star Citizen isn’t the studio’s only project that has run into stubborn problems, another Squadron 42 project was supposed to come out in 2014, but of course, that didn’t happen.

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