Google will stop working if you search for these terms

Many users turn to the Google search engine to search for what is dangerous to them, and after typing any phrase, a huge amount of results appear to them, but what if you type phrases that cause the search engine to temporarily stop working and not give you any search results?

This is what happened after the Google search engine wrote phrases related to the number of emojis on some platforms, to show that the site processes the search term for more than 10 seconds, and then a server error appears.

The most prominent English phrases that lead to this error include: “How many emojis on iOS,” “How many emojis on Apple,” and “How many emojis on Windows.” How many emojis on Windows Windows.

Under the word “server error,” Google wrote:

“We’re sorry but it looks like there was an internal server error while processing your request. Our engineers have been notified and are working to fix the problem.” Below it was also written: “Please, try again later.”

It was initially believed that the error was country-specific, as the problem appeared via in New Zealand, according to what user wfme posted on YCombinator Hacker News.

But later it turned out that the problem is not limited to New Zealand only, as it is located on the main address of Google:, which was confirmed by the Arab Gateway for Technical News, which also confirmed that the matter is not limited to the three aforementioned phrases, but appears after writing phrases Others related to Apple and Microsoft, iOS and Windows systems, and Microsoft Lumia phones, which are:

  • how many emojis on ios
  • how many emojis on apple
  • how many emojis on windows
  • how many emojis on lumia
  • how many emojis lumia
  • how many ios emoji
  • how many emojis in ios
  • how many emojis inside ios

User llui85 on YCombinator Hacker News had posted the previous listing, and said: “I’d risk saying that a specific webpage within the search results might be causing this error.”

There is no information yet about the cause of the error, and Google has not issued any official statement explaining the reason.

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