New leaks reveal revolutionary changes to the iPhone 15 phones

Incoming messages in iPhone messages for the year 2023

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Launching the iPhone 10 in 2017, Apple uses a non-usable material in its phones. A steel material has been used that has become resistant and weightless stainless steel, but at the same time it will raise the price of the phone to unbelievable levels.

It is indicated that it has been provided. This is why weight is used for this reason.

for a kilogram of iron, compared to $1 and $1.50 a kilogram for stainless steel.

She confirmed that he had announced a new brand, and she forced him to release a new one. .

And it talks with a USB-C port powered by Thunderbolt 4, a dual front camera, and an A17 processor that will be the first with 3nm technology.

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