Samsung launches Maintenance Mode feature to hide your personal information from prying eyes

Today, Tuesday, Samsung announced the launch of the privacy feature in maintenance mode, to protect devices that spy on personal information.

The initial launch is taking place in China, the tech giant said in a blog post.

Samsung has made it clear that maintenance can be done, by giving them the opportunity to access personal information, such as photos, messages or contacts.

Seungwon Shin, Vice President, President and Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung: “All our lives are on our phones, it’s an arc? Ladders that sustain their lives.
Samsung Maintenance Mode Features
According to Samsung, maintenance mode is a way to create a separate user account when users hand in their devices for repair so they can run basic functions without being able to access any of their private information. All that the user needs is to select the maintenance mode in the Battery and Device Care menu under Settings and restart the smartphone. Once restarted, all of their personal information, including photos, documents, and messages, will be restricted.

Once in maintenance mode, the person who is in charge of servicing the device will not be able to recover user-installed apps either. Data or accounts created while using maintenance mode are automatically deleted once the owner exits maintenance mode.

Samsung noted that Galaxy devices are protected by its Knox, a defense-grade security platform that provides a multi-layered approach to protection. And through open collaboration with trusted industry partners, any potential threats can be detected and neutralized more quickly.

It is designed, thanks to its features, thanks to its features, you can save it in its atmosphere, where you can enjoy its games, such as: easily security panel, security and privacy panel, permission manager, sucks determine what happens to their data.

Seminar in 2021, feature features, which isolate the most important information from the rest of the device. And earlier this month, the company unveiled the Knox Matrix, its vision for the next level of security across multiple devices.

After successful maintenance testing, the Galaxy Series 21 was launched in China last July. The first stage starts from the beginning from the beginning from the beginning from the beginning from the beginning from the beginning.

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