google trend map

google trend map This article is how to find out the direction of north in Google Maps using a web browser on a computer

Open your internet browser. You can use any browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera.

Go to Google Maps in your browser. Type in the address bar and hit Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Find a location on the map. You can search in the search bar at the top left and click the + and – icons in the bottom right to zoom in and out.
google trend map

The orientation of Google Maps is always the same in satellite and map modes, with north toward the top of the screen and south toward the bottom of the screen. google trend map

google trend map

Tap and drag the orange human icon on the map. Find the anthropomorphic icon in the bottom right of the screen and then drop it on the location you want to check on the map. It will be switched to Street View trend map

Note the direction of the red needle on the compass icon. Look for the compass icon at the bottom right of the route display, and note the direction the red needle is pointing. This red needle always points north. google trend map

For a few Android users, a new style of direction indicator appeared on Google Maps, and this appearance was purely a test for this few category. Determine its location on the map, noting that the previous version of the application was in the form of an arrow, while the new version has been converted this arrow into a ray as can be seen in the pictures above, which makes the direction more easy and accurate.

The company indicated that in the event that the beam emitted from the blue dot is wide, this means that the calibration of the phone is wrong and the sensors do not work due to an error, and to make this matter possible and narrow the beam and to make it more accurate, all the user has to move the phone in the form of number 8 as noted in the image below .

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