Google decides to close the Street View app soon

Today, Madison Gouveia, a Google spokeswoman, confirmed in a statement to The Verge that the company will withdraw the standalone (Street View) application from app stores in the coming weeks, and will stop supporting the application in March 2023.

Yesterday, the 9to5Google team discovered the matter from the APK files of the latest version of the application ( in the Google Play Store, which showed some notifications prepared by Google to announce that the application has stopped working. But these notifications have not yet appeared in the app.

Google tells Street View app users in these notifications that it will stop working and will end support on March 21, 2023.

The dedicated Street View app – available for Android or iOS phones – allows you to take a 360-degree view of almost any street or landmark located anywhere in the world, ideal for learning about your next travel destination or simply exploring the world while you’re at your home.

The app also allows its users to contribute 360-degree photos, or what Google calls “panoramic photos,” to help improve Street View.

But Street View will continue to be a major feature in Google Maps, so you can still explore all the places that Google has documented with its cameras.

You can also continue to add panoramic images within maps and publish 360-degree videos using the web application (Street View Studio). All of this makes the separate Street View app somewhat redundant.

However, one of the features that will disappear completely with the (Street View) application discontinued is Photo Paths, a feature that Google first launched in the application last year, and was intended as a way to allow almost anyone with a smartphone By contributing simple 2D images of a road or path that has not yet been documented. Unlike every other feature in the app, there is no alternative to this feature in the web app or Google Maps app.

In the end; The app will stop working in March of next year and head to Google’s ever-growing graveyard of discontinued products and services, which also includes: Android Things, Neighborly, YouTube Go, Google Plus, Google Hire, Expedition, and hundreds more.

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