devices connected to my google account

devices connected to my google account You can log out of your Google account remotely from all devices if you need to; This feature helps keep your account secure from others if you believe that someone has gained access to your information.

How do I remove devices connected to my Gmail account? One of the most prominent email companies and services that ranks first in the world is Google’s Gmail service. As there are millions of people around the world who have an account, two and three on this site, and surely you are one of them. At the same

time, you have already logged into your Google account from another phone or computer. But you forgot to log out of that device or phone. No need to worry, through this topic, we will show you how to log out of a Google account from any other device or phone anywhere.

Is removing devices connected to a Gmail account reliable and safe?

If you think that if you log into a Google account from a friend’s phone or a family member’s computer, you will only be able to log out of the account when you use that phone, then you are completely wrong. This is because Google provides a page for controlling the entire Gmail account. Whether it is account information or even the level of security in the account.

As one of the actions that you can do through this account settings page is to identify the devices that you have previously logged into and then log out directly without any need to use that phone or device again.

devices connected to my google account

But let’s be more clear about the level of security and the procedures that must be followed every period and when to stay completely safe with our Google accounts. One of the routine things that is recommended to do is to check the Google account permanently. This is done by knowing whether there are any takeovers and monitoring of the account by third parties. Where you can find out by knowing which devices have been connected to the same account. And not only that, but work to remove the devices connected to the Google Gmail account.

Where if you would like to know how to access this option that allows us to sign out of devices connected to a Google account. Through this article, we will know the official and correct way to delete the devices connected to the Google Gmail account, without the use of any third application or little complexity.

How do I remove devices connected to a Gmail account?

We will apply this method through the computer, but at the same time you can also apply it through any other device, regardless of the type of this device, because the method is the same for everyone officially and with the same steps.

Steps to delete devices connected to your Gmail account
At first, as we mentioned, Google provides a page for all Google account settings. Including knowing the devices connected to this account. Once you enter the page at the bottom, it is enough just to select the Security or Security option from the side menu of the interface.

After entering this option, swipe down on the next interface that appeared to you. Until you find a field called Your Devices. All you have to do is click on Manage devices.

This way you will find all devices connected to your Gmail account. If you see that there is a suspicious device or you do not know its source, it is enough just to click on the three dots next to this device or phone. Then select the Sign out option.

This will log out of that device directly, and then it will move to the devices that are located below. Which devices have you signed out of and removed your Google account from. This ensures the security of your account to the greatest extent possible.

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