Sony announces Bravia TVs for 2023

Sony has announced the launch of the latest group of Bravia XR TVs for 2023, which features advanced technologies for an overwhelming entertainment experience, according to the company.

The new models come with the updated computer processor, which includes the all -new XR Clear Image technology that helps reduce noise and increases clarity in scenes that include fast movement. In addition, the processor allows better rear lighting to increase the dark areas in the image and increase brightness in scenes that require this.

The new screens also contain techniques for improving image quality while playing, and includes a new list of games lovers that allows settling settings and rapid access to multiple options for setting play settings.

Bravia xr x95l 4K HDR Mini LED

This device is available with a 85 -inch screen and works with a smart processor that reproduces the image closer to reality by providing an image with a wide dynamic contrast, high -end and natural colors.

The new TV features a high -contrast technology that provides high contrasts and accurate colors, and it is ideal for players (PlayStation 5), as it has exclusive features such as Auto HDR Tone Maping and Auto Genre Picure Mode that improves image quality while playing.

The new TV provides all game settings in one place through the Game Menu menu, and provides the ACOUSTIC +Multi-Audio and Dolby Atmos features in harmony between the image and the sound. The X-Anti Reflect technology also helps reduce the repercussions to provide an excellent viewing experience with the real color display of any angle.

In addition, the device corresponds to the company’s loudspeakers and supports the ACOUSTICICICITICITITITITITITITICICITION technology that sync the image with the sound to provide a more realistic experience.

Bravia xr x90L 4K HDR Full Array LED

This line includes different sizes ranging from 55 inches and 98 inches. The Bravia XR X90l TV provides a powerful and powerful processor that improves the image quality to display it with dynamic contrast, a detailed black color, and a high horoscope.

This device is characterized by the Full Array LED technology that provides improved lighting, high contrast and billions of colors, according to the company, thanks to XR Contrast Booster and XR Triluminos Pro technologies, and it offers the same play features available in the Bravia XR Mini LED.

The device has an advanced sound technology for the audio synchronization with the image accurately, in addition to supporting Dolby Vision, Imax Enhanced and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, to improve viewing experience and enhance cinematic content. This device offers greater accuracy and clarity, thanks to the XR Upscaling and XR Clear Image technology to restore lost colors and details and improve image quality, and supports the Bravia Cam option that helps in adjusting the image and sound automatically according to the room conditions and the sitting site.


This device is the top of the pyramid between the new devices, thanks to its Sony QD-OLED screen that provides 200 % higher brightness compared to the previous version. The screen produces luminous pixels individually for each pixel, which helps to show movies, TV shows and games with superior details and depth.

Sony says she designed TV to provide a high -quality cinematic experience, as it contains Acoussic Surface +Audio technology and support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X to make an ideal sound.

The quality of the content can be raised to a 4K resolution using XR 4K Upscaling and XR Clear Image technology, which helps restore lost details and get a more clear and less noise and display Internet content and videos with HD with 4K -approximation.

In addition, the device provides Sony’s Bravia Core service that allows users to watch movies in a way that does not need to subscribe or pay any additional fees.

TV is available in three different sizes: 55 inches, 65 inches and 77 inches.

It is worth noting that the new devices are running the Google TV smart TV. Sony has not announced the prices yet, but said that the devices will be available in global markets in the next few weeks.

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