Hostinger Hosting Explained – Is It Good or Bad? 🤔


Hostinger hosting, have you ever heard of it? Did you know that it is one of the cheapest hosting services ever in the field of website hosting?

Because of the above, we wrote an article about reviewing Hostinger hosting, explaining its history, advantages, disadvantages, pros and cons, prices, and the largest discounts available.

If you are interested in purchasing hosting from Hostinger, it is best to read this review about it beforehand. After learning about this hosting, Hostinger hosting, you can use the discount and discount offer available in the article to get the hosting at the lowest possible price.

Contents of Hostinger Hosting Review:

About Hostinger
Types of hosting in Hostinger
Hostinger hosting features
The unique feature of Hostinger hosting
Hostinger shared hosting packages and prices
Disadvantages of Hostinger hosting
Public opinion rating for Hostinger Hosting
Hosting Consultant’s Evaluation of Hotinger Hosting
Frequently asked questions and answers about Hostinger
Buy Hostinger hosting at the biggest discount possible
Company name: Hostinger
Founded in 2004
Headquarters Kaunas, Lithuania
Number of headquarters and branches: 6 headquarters
Number of employees: more than 1000 employees
Number of data centers: 7 data centers
Control panel is a special panel
Hosting price: starts from $2.49
Discount amount: up to 79%
Visit the company: Hostinger

About Hostinger

Hostinger was founded in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania, in Europe, initially as Hosting Media. It then relaunched its name with a new brand, Hostinger, in 2011.

In 2007, Hostinger launched its free hosting service called 000webhost in order to attract exponentially more customers.

But this requires customers to subscribe to paid hosting in the future in order to keep their websites running, and this is the main goal of free hosting. As free hosting is not enough to make your website work efficiently.

It currently has 7 data centers spread across Britain, America, Brazil, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore and India.

The number of its current employees reaches more than 1,000, working either remotely or at the company’s six headquarters spread across Europe, Asia, and South America.

The Hostinger website is available in several languages, including Arabic, English, French, and others, and there is no significant difference between them, but we will use the Arabic version of the website.

Hosting services can be purchased in many ways, including via Paypal, bank card, cryptocurrencies, Google Pay, Apple Pay, instant cash, or even AliPay.


Advantages of shared hosting in Hostinger

Hostinger’s shared hosting plans have the following specifications:

SSD storage space starting from 100 GB depending on the package
The bandwidth is unlimited according to the fair usage policy
Hosting a very large number of websites, starting from 100 websites for the first package
Provides a free basic SSL certificate for life
A special control panel called hpanel, which is easy to use (lower quality than the cPanel control panel, but it supports the Arabic language comfortably).
For free, transferring your site from the old hosting to it after purchasing the hosting from it (this service is not available for free in many hosting companies)
Provides a one-click content management system similar to Softaculous
They provide a free website builder designed by them with very great features and free templates
It offers free LiteSpeed technology to speed up WordPress sites and reduce bandwidth consumption
Technical support is available 24/7 via instant chat.
Guaranteed to keep your websites up to 99.9%
Money back guarantee if you don’t like the service within the first 30 days
Do you want to buy Hostinger hosting? If yes, you can get a 79% discount and purchase hosting for only $2.49 per month instead of $11.99 through the following button:

79% discount on Hostinger


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