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Amazon adds an artificial intelligence shopping assistant

Amazon is rolling out an artificial intelligence tool that can answer shoppers’ questions about a product, a company spokesperson confirmed, as the company continues to experiment with generative artificial intelligence.

The new feature in Amazon’s mobile app prompts users to ask questions about a specific item, and then returns the answer within a few seconds, essentially by summarizing the information it gathers from product reviews and the listing itself.

The new feature can answer the same questions that people sometimes ask AI chatbots.

You can ask the AI tool questions about a product using the question box on the product page.

“We’re constantly innovating to help make customers’ lives easier, and we’re currently testing a new generative AI feature to improve Amazon shopping by helping customers get answers to common product questions,” Amazon spokeswoman Maria Boschetti said.

This feature may prevent shoppers from scrolling through pages of reviews or reading the menu to find information about the product.

Unlike OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot, Amazon’s new feature isn’t equipped to hold a conversation, though it is capable of responding to creative prompts.

Amazon designed the tool in such a way that it does not go out of context, and displays an error message if it cannot answer the questions.

Amazon has brought several artificial intelligence tools to its site in recent months.

Last June, the company began testing AI-generated product review summaries, and launched AI features for third-party sellers to help write listings, as well as generate images for ads.

It also introduced Q, an AI chatbot for businesses to help with everyday tasks, and Bedrock, a generative AI service for Amazon Web Services customers.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said generative AI is changing every customer’s experience and the company is using it to predict inventory and determine the best routes for drivers.

The company works on generative AI through its enterprise cloud division AWS.

In November, AWS launched a feature called Titan Image Generator that allows companies to use text prompts to generate images.

It also provides enterprise customers with access to other popular AI models, such as Llama 2, Claude, and Stable Diffusion.







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