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Amazon is bringing AI image generation to Fire TV

Amazon has officially rolled out the ability to create AI-generated images for Fire TV devices.

The feature is available starting today in the United States to users of the second generation Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Omni QLED series.

The new Fire TV feature is based on Amazon’s Titan Image Generator feature, which the company announced during the AWS re:Invent 2023 conference in November.

The Titan Image Generator feature takes written text prompts and turns them into an image, similar to what AI image generation models like Stability AI and DALL-E 3 do.

The AI feature for Fire TV devices relies on talking to Alexa using the TV remote, allowing users to craft images with their voice.

Users can say: “Alexa generated a fantasy landscape background,” causing the Titan Image Generator to generate four images that users can greatly customize by choosing between different artistic styles, such as impressionism, watercolor, and fantasy.

After choosing the final image, users can save it and set it as a TV wallpaper.

The Titan Image Generator feature has the ability to customize existing images, although the AI feature for Fire TV devices will not have this ability at launch.

Amazon did not provide an update on when users might be able to enter personal photos into the Titan Image Generator.

Image generation is part of the ambient experience for Fire TV devices, which turns your TV into a smart display featuring wallpapers made by artists or personal photos from your Amazon Photos account.

Amazon previously brought the surround experience to its Fire TV Stick 4K Max devices after its availability for Amazon’s Omni QLED lineup of Fire TV devices.

Amazon revealed a number of updates related to Fire TV devices at its 2023 hardware event, such as improved voice search for asking specific questions to Alexa.

The AI feature for Fire TV comes on the heels of Amazon bringing three new AI-powered experiences to Alexa.

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