Google SEO Blueprint 7 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO and Content Marketing


Google SEO Blueprint 7 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO and Content Marketing

Google Trends is a very powerful tool for keyword research, especially when using advanced search settings that are almost invisible.

Explore the many Google Trends menus and options to find seemingly limitless ways to learn more about search traffic for your terms.

Discover innovative strategies to increase the effectiveness of one of Google ‘s most important SEO tools .

The importance of Google Trends

Although Google Trends is reliable, it does not provide traffic statistics.

It displays the amount of queries made as a percentage on a scale from 0 to 100.

 Paid  SEO tools , unlike Google Trends, provide numbers for keyword traffic volume.

However, these numbers are just rough estimates based on a combination of internet traffic data providers, Google Keyword Planner, segmented search results, and other sources.

Clickstream data is often extracted from anonymized traffic data collected from users of specific pop-up blockers, browser plug-ins, and free antivirus software.

SEO tools  then perform a calculation based on their best predictions of how  the data will interact with Google keyword searches and visitor volume.

So, even though professional SEO tools predict keyword traffic, the data Google Trends displays is based on real search queries rather than educated guesses.

Google SEO Blueprint

This doesn’t mean that Google Trends is better than paid keyword research tools. When combined with paid keyword tools, it is possible to create a near-accurate estimate of true keyword search volume.

Other capabilities in Google Trends can help with proper segmentation of keyword data, which can help understand ideal geographic areas for advertising efforts and discover new and popular terms.

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