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Tesla Is Spending Billions On Artificial Intelligence Chips



Tesla is intensifying developments based on artificial intelligence, as the company plans to allocate $ 500 million to build its new Dojo supercomputer powered by artificial intelligence graphics processing units from NVIDIA.

Dojo is the electric car manufacturer’s supercomputer, designed for AI machine learning and video training by leveraging video data provided by its portfolio of vehicles.

The supercomputer is mainly aimed at achieving the goal of fully autonomous vehicles, an important component of Tesla’s success.

The company needs a lot of computing for artificial intelligence and standard autonomous driving for autonomous vehicles.

Last year, the company launched its first supercomputer called Dojo ExaPod, although it faced many setbacks.

Dojo ExaPod provides up to 1.1 exaflops of computing power optimized for AI tasks.

Elon Musk is not looking to stop there, as he has big ambitions.

The billionaire revealed that Tesla is planning to spend a large sum of money on its new Dojo-class supercomputer.

Musk explained that this amount could buy about 10,000 H100 artificial intelligence graphics processing units from Nvidia.

Tesla intends to spend much more than this number, and the number will likely reach several billion dollars at some point.

NVIDIA will not receive the entire amount, as it is planned that AMD will also receive part of the amount planned to be spent.

  • Musk revealed in his response to one of the users that Tesla intends to use AMD chips as well, without mentioning which one, although it is certain that it may be from the Instinct MI300 lineup, and it may be the MI300X.
  • Last year, AMD was able to bridge the gap with NVIDIA in terms of performance, industry concerns, and even display, as AMD unveiled the Instinct MI300 lineup, which is capable of running artificial intelligence programs at a speed comparable to competitors.

Artificial intelligence markets are changing dynamically as we move into 2024, with indications that the market may grow rapidly thanks to ongoing developments.

It is noteworthy that Tesla purchased 15,000 H100 graphics processing units last year, which shows that it is accelerating artificial intelligence efforts in cooperation with NVIDIA.

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